Name: Bob

Nicknames: Bobbé (It's an Acadian thing...)

Age: As I quickly looked at others' ages, I feel I could be father to many of you :confused: Just turned 60 at the beginning of April.

Location: Acadian Peninsula, New Brunswick Canada

Status: currently single, but always looking :p

Programming skills: limited to some HTML and enjoy VBasic.

Education: After the mandatory high school and a bit of university and a couple of tech schools, graduating but never working in the field using the programming diplomas that I received.

Experiences: Management for many years, then labour and went to tech schools and used diplomas to teach. You know the expression: "Those that do... do, others teach..." Well I never got the chance to rightfully do, but previous experiences allowed me to teach.

Hobbies: Very heavy into genealogy with my brother and we have a data base of close to 300,000 names of people from the Acadian Peninsula, here in northern New Brunswick Canada. Have produced over 150 eBooks on as many families and am able to produce these books as current as the last entries in our data base.

Accomplishements: Have successfully lossed 265 pounds, YES 265 pounds and have maintained my weight at below 185 since March 2005. You can visit my site, for pics and other goodies, mentioned in my signature. I'm a Weight Watchers guru...

Hi! Welcome. Congratulations on your weight loss! :)