I came across this site a little while ago tha is selling Microsoft Visual Studio for ridiculously low prices. Illegal copies or valid?

I think that it is very important of all site visitor to visite this properly. So he or she must hsve a huge knowledge.

Huh? I was just wondering if they sell valid copies of the software.

It looks very fishy. I would say it's too good to be true. Anyone with a leg to stand on wouldn't register the domain name as 'Anonymous'.

Exactly, no contact information, and selling OEM software is not legal everywhere.

According to WHOIS the site appears to be based in the Czech Republic. OEM MS Software can only sold with core system hardware.

And what's more, you will not receive any media, you will be paying for a download. This in itself could not explain the huge cost saving as the cost of the media in proportion to the license is nominal. (When you buy MS software you ane buying a license, paying few the privilege of using it.)

As others have said, it looks dodgy. If you wanted to check it out for legitimacy you could drop an email to Microsoft.

They claim to be a "Microsoft Gold Certified Partner", but I don't see their name ("Soft Buy") on the list I found for Microsoft Partners, so I doubt it.

How about we solve this discussion... lets give Microsoft a dial :)

(They are probably frauds)

Who did you report them to? Microsoft or to the law!

Lets hope Microsoft reads the report... Unless they ignore...

I think Adobe should know about them...

They are also selling adobe softwares.... so lets tell them too?