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I should try it out... I'm not much of a Windows sort of user, but I may give this a try.


Oh, if its good, please update us... I am actually kind of interested in some windows material/software...


Are you sure about that? I have been around since march 2012.... I have posted about 413 posts... and that was a few months ago (I am on actively every day).... and if I was around just as long as you... I garuntee I wouldn't have more than 10,000 posts...

You think you don't post as much as you use to :)


You mean Visual Studio 2012? I was planning to. I recently purchased a brand new computer and was going to install the latest version of Visual C++ Express on it.

However, then I read that this version of compiler will build Metro applications only. I want to stick with Windows 7, and most of my programming is pretty traditional projects for engineering/math applications, and they are all simple console programs. For this kind of capability, a paid version of the compiler is required.

Unless I am misinformed, it looks like I will stay with Visual C++ 2010 Express for the time being.


Oh, nice.

I hadn't checked back for a while. Looks like Microsoft hasn't broken up the compiler by language this time (or am I overlooking something?). In previous versions, I just used the C++ compiler; this time it looks like you get everything--no choice.

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