The programmer nestled into his seat on the plane, planning to sleep through the several hour flight. Suddenly, a short overweight noisy guy bustles into the seat next to him, "Hey man, I'm Al, this is gonna be a fun flight, eh?" The programmer, not wanting to encourage conversation, simply says, "I'm going to sleep this one out" followed by a pursed smile

"Seriously?!", said Al. "Hey, what do you do for a living, eh? Tell you what , we'll play 20 questions and I have to work out..." the programmer interrupted him, "I'm a programmer.", "Really? Why, that makes us practically blood brothers, I work with computers too. I'm in Hardware, there's nobody who knows more about Computer Hardware than me. It was only two weeks ago that...", the programmer interrupts again, "Sorry Al, I really need to rest."

"Are you a betting man? You'll like this, hear me out first... I ask you a question, if you get the answer wrong you give me 5 dollars, if you get it right I give you 5 dollars, okay?", "No thanks, I'll just rest until we land." Not giving up the Hardware guy says, " Okay, you 5 dollars, me 50 dollars, eh? That means if you get the answer wrong, you give me 5 dollars. But, if I get the answer to your question wrong I give you 50 dollars... what do you think of that, eh?" The programmer ignored him. "Okay, okay, this will help you decide, you 5 dollars, me 100 dollars, eh?"

Well, the programmer just wants to get this over with and immediately asks the question, "How far is the earth from the Sun?" The programmer is irritated to see the Hardware guy pull out his laptop and plug into the in-flight Internet access, and in moments replying with the correct answer. The programmer gave him 5 dollars. Now it was the Hardware guy's turn to ask a question. He taps away on laptop looking for a very obscure programming language, and with a grin asks,"What three ASCII characters construct the command structure of the Whitespace programming language?", The programmer looks at the Hardware guy in disgust and says, "I don't know", and hands the Hardware guy 5 dollars. Now 10 dollars down, the Programmer thinks for a moment and asks, "What goes up a hill with five legs and down with three legs?"

The Hardware guy taps the full question into Google, after sifting through as many results as he can tolerate, he then searches using keywords. Next, he spam emails everyone on his contacts list. Meanwhile, the programmer was resting peacefully. Two hours later the Hardware guy closes his laptop and mumbles something. The programmer, resting with his eyes closed, smiles and says, "I think you'll need to say that again, I'm not sure I heard you correctly..." The Hardware guy brusquely retorts, "I don't know."

Now the programmer puts his hand out and gestures for the 100 dollars. The Hardware guy painfully, and grudgingly, hands over the money. The programmer takes the money and pushes into his wallet, returning the wallet to his pocket. He then leans back into his seat and closes his eyes to rest again. The Hardware guy asks in a very frustrated manner, "Well then... what's the answer? What goes up a hill with five legs and comes down with three legs?"

The programmer looks at the Hardware guy and tells him, "I don't know" and then calmly handed the Hardware guy 5 dollars.

haha... that was actually very funny :).... So funny that i pulled this bunny out of your post:

( ' ' )

Bunny? I have to write with a tablet and sometimes the occasional irrelevant word makes an appearance if the recognition software doesn't quite make sense of my handwriting, and I don't catch it. I've seen "you" become "yaw", "connector" become "commenter", (that one is really annoying, as I have to take two or three goes at it to get it right) "one"become "are".

Sorry about any bad bunny, and thank you for putting it right. :)

oh, that makes since... are you using a google tablet/samsung tablet?

How many Software Engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?

LOLz.....very smart software engineer.