I can't help it. Bragging and bragging about the timeline playback capabilities.

NOW The app can randomly select a specific video and the associated LARGE font (48 point) text explaining it.

I have been having such a hard time showing off the Faster Than Sight objects that I have been capturing for nearly 10 years. Now it's much easier. Just download the original videos from Archive.org, the App, and the timeline playback control file. To a USB stick. A couple clicks later and you'll be seeing it as good or better than I do (if you hook your pc to a large screen TV it shows best)

The app runs on Linux systems as well. I don't know for sure about Mac.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzULqlf8598 a screen reshoot of the slow motion replay with large text

http://www.telusplanet.net/public/stonedan/home.htm The links to the videos and other files needed to do the above playback.

Question: Am I wrong to be bragging so much.
Question: Can anyone name a better timeline playback method

nobody cares...
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Question: Am I wrong to be bragging so much.

Given that it along with your posting history constitutes spam according to our rules, I'm going to go with "yes". I'll let it slide this time in the hope that it'll encourage non-spammy discussion, but please keep your "bragging" to this forum. Thanks.

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Sorry, please forgive my ineptness, is this a kind of large print video player?

Yup this would work for storefront realestate

Video needs descriptions as much or more than pictures. All the stuff surrounding the clip need to be passed on, otherwise it is just video. I have thousands of videos that I now have to catalog. I'll probably start with the trapline stuff. For sure, I'll start doing it with any new clips.

The political stuff needs to be put in context. Example: at one town council meeting all kinds of people showed up to protest the new marina. After they left; the council said "there wasn't any real opposition to the project" Duh that is what they were there for.

With all new cell phones doing video. People need an easy way to put these videos in context. If you know any methods that are better, please let me know. I might pick up a few pointers. Bragging is ok if you can back it up.

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check the timeline control file BigPaw

10 lines of big text followed by the video playback settings. It can be intermixed with pictures and audio and more text.

Everything between the "BREAK" lines is played randomly.

Rename a copy of the search.exe to random_VIDEOSmix.exe If you have that on the USB stick along with the original videos from archive.org You'll see what I mean. Some of this stuff is so tiny that being hooked up to a TV or large monitor is a must.

Good stuff usually gets banned. Nobody will be doing video better than you if you give this a spin.

http://www.telusplanet.net/public/stonedan/slomo_demo.htm The instructions

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