Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What has happened to Welsh rugby? It all looked so promising last year.

That, and the weekend before...

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That, and the weekend before...

I check the schedule read the background of all those teams.

They lost 3 straight from last year and 2 this year. I finally figure out it.

I think they will have a chance to win 2 out of 3 before they head to Frances. One of those win will be an upset it's gonna be either AUS or NZ.

The score was very close with Somoa.


I had no interest in Rugby. But, after learning more about the rules and tactics I've found it a lot more interesting. A couple of outstanding features of Rugby is that the players have a very real respect for the referee, and I've not get seen any of the on pitch petulance you would see in football. (soccer)

Also, I've got to say that there doesn't seem to be any of the trouble from fans of Rugby as there would be with football fans.

Welsh Rugby, is that League or Union? The version that I found interesting had the rule of five tackles only; before having to give the ball to the opposing team.

Rugby Union. I really don't like the League variation at all, for oh so many reasons but try the uncontested scrums and the lack of any real physicality for starters.

As for Wales beating either Australia or the All Blacks, frankly that's looking very unlikely indeed. They might get close with Australia if the aussies bring their French game with them, rather than the much better one they played against a rather ragged looking England yesterday, but the All Blacks would currently be very difficult to beat even if Wales were playing at their World Cup best.

@happygeek, always the same story...... invent a game, teach the rest of the world to play and love it, and sit back as they all get better at it..............

rugby is just interesting... though i don't watch it

There are only three sports that interest me: Rugby Union (I have been a Leicester Tigers supporter for many years), boxing (although less so since I stopped actually boxing myself) and mixed martial arts (would have loved to have done some UFC-style fighting had I been younger).

Boy... MMA.... it's is awesome! I mean it's not like that wrestling garbage where it is fake...

@Michael, don't ruin my childhood. It was all real! I swear! sobs

I am sorry... but MMA fighting is fun... when it is controlled of course in the octagon... ;)