So what do you do to pass the time at work when it becomes a bit quieter and you have nothing else to do?

Personally I read Reddit, Unfortunately I seem to struggle to stiffle laughter at some of the comedical gold I find on there, maybe its just my sense of humour. Which leads to some awful snigger randomly and I must expect others around me to wonder what the hell is going on!

DaniWeb of course, The Register and 9gag.

What do you mean by "a bit quieter" and "have nothing else to do" exactly? I've not come across these phrases in my working life...

@pritaeas, of course DaniWeb, there is only so much time I can spend on the typing test though :D

@happygeek, it is a shame you have not found these terms, I highly recommend them

I would go for a walk. :)

@BigPaw: But what if your required at your desk, just have nothing productive to do :P?

So what do you do to pass the time at work when it becomes a bit quieter and you have nothing else to do?

Posting on Daniweb, working on Daniweb's code, surfing the web, personal projects, etc...

@MikeyIsMe Because of the type of work I was involved in, things like that never happened. Well on saying this, I suppose listening to music might fit the picture you are looking for, but it was very deliberate. It was a mental redirection to reinvigorate the imagination... ah, but on saying this, there was the odd occasion that I would play a pipe game, and a card game called Durak. But that was very rare... so you got the truth out of me eventually. :D

When I was still working stiff and had time to kill I'd write system integrity softwre (perform various checks and text the standby person if errors), rewrite old apps to improve them or I would learn some new technology, languge, etc.

Well... i don't work for people... i am still new to high school and learning a skill...

But i bet if i wanted to find a time killer... i'd play on my tablet

Facebook and/or Twitter = massive time sink

or daniweb...

Try as I might, I cannot get to grips with either facebook, or twitter. I have accounts on both, and find them a complete waste of time. In less productive moments at work...... ah yes, Tea and ciggies! And I always have a usb drive with latest project in my pocket to work on.

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On my 15 minute break. I go down to the Apple store to test out those devices for few minutes. At the same time grab a muffin and coffee and back to work. My 15 minute break usually last for an half hour. I do this everyday.

LastMitch, how do you manage to not get caught lol...

@BigPaw, persistance pays off eventually :D

@Michael, that is on his 15 minute break,you can do whatever you please on breaks.

He says he gets 15 min breaks... but is out for half an hour.

True I overlooked at factor, presumed he was on about a lunch break :)

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oh... my dad only provides his staff about 20 minutes... and they never come tardy! maybe because they know the consequences :)

LOL, Hour lunch break thankyou very much.

I posted on DaniWeb. Why do you think I have such a high post count :)

I know... i tend to come second for daily activity normally after you or happygeek

I could spend my entire work day on Wikipedia if I wasn't careful.