Went to a Microsoft Windows 8 Camp yesterday and I must say, it changed my view on Win8 entirely. The camp was focused on the store apps, so I'm not talking about the desktop apps that will still work as in Win7. The idea behind it is something I can really relate to, although some are as old as the unix community. It's really focused around content being the main focus for the user.

For a developer it's interesting because your application can have multiple entry and exit points, has to define what capabilities it will be using, and the best part: everything is asynchronous. Don't worry about callback methods and event handlers, the new async and await keywords will allow to to write your asynchronous calls like a regular methods. The event part is taken out of your hands.

If you get the change to visit one of these (free) camps, I can really recommend it.

They were back in September in the UK here, and so I've missed them all. :(

Get any freebies while you were there? :D

Only free food, drinks and snacks...

That's another thing I like about Microsoft, they are very customer driven. Did they say anything about any ongoing projects or aspirations related to Win'8?

I was once an MLSE, Microsoft Licensing Sales Expert, (I'm no longer MLSE because you must work as such in a recognised MS Licensing Sales Channel, and resit the exams annually) and it was a real pleasure to be invited to MS HQ and be around that level of professionalism. They were very hospitable, as you know.

No, the main focus was Win8 Store apps. I agree that they are hospitable. For Win8 Store apps you can just walk in every second wednesday for advice. It's in their best interest of course, but still.

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There's no Windows 8 Camp near where I live. The closest camp is the 6 hours drive that's without traffic. pritaeas you are lucky ... during the camp provide free food, drinks and snacks... that's sound neat.

Did you get an opportunity to develop anything? And did it make you think windows is better mac os x operating systems?

Yes. I have no opinion on OSX, because I don't use it.

that is reasonable :)

And did it make you think windows is better mac os x operating systems?

Anything is better than mac os x :) I have a friend that has it on a notebook, always crashing and corrupting files.

Well not everyone will have the same experiences on using operating systems... I perfer max os x because windows makes me feel like I am trapped in a box that isn't user friendly but for developers i would vary on sides... :)

My vote goes to max os x over windows :) (I am a highschool freshman... of course i pick apple over microsoft)

macs are overpriced too -- two to three times more expensive than PCs.

but are more user friendly and better for new developers rather than windows being for more experienced "hardcore" developers :)

and better for new developers

Depends on what you are developing.

I'm a fairly new developer and think windows is easy to use but I've grown up with windows machines. That might be the case had I always used mac os though.

BigPaw there is a Win8 camp in Manchester this Sunday (25th) and two in London on 30th and 1st. Even though I'm quite inexperienced, if I didnt already have plans I would have gone to the one London on 1st Dec (even).

I was saddened when Apple moved away from RISC architecture and felt it was a big back-step technologically. Because of this back-step I now see their offerings as just a different flavour of Unix/Linux, but a flavour that is highly restricted and restrictive.

However, I love the idea that they are different, diversity is a wonderful thing. Apple's achievement in creating such a varied range of devices, with such interoperability, is impressive. But, as with any one-man-band, you had better like the music, the kind of music they want you to listen to (figuratively speaking) But if it you like it, stick with it. :)