I am kind of curious of what distracts people when they are coding... What distracts me is my cat and dog, they always bite my feet, play/fight with each other right under me feet, sleep/abduct my keyboard/mouse, or bark/me at me, and so many annoying and devious things...

So what distracts your train of thoughts while your developing?

While I know a lot of people who listen to music when they code, I need complete silence in order to really get into it. Years ago I used to keep the tv on in the background for company, but I can't do that anymore for some reason.

Anything can be going on around me, music, street sounds (except when I'm at the farm) TV. But, when its something designed to get my attention I have to do something about it, and the worst culprit is TV adverts. I'm sure they boost the volume on them... so I immediately change channel, typically to another film channel.

Like you said about cats, kittens and coding just don't work either. Either she does that thing of just sitting there staring at you, for ages, or you are catching her mid-flight as she pounces for the cursor or mouse pointer.

Dani, I agree with you... I used to have the T.V. on while I learn php and mysql... now i don't keep it on because it causes me to lose my train of thought.

BigPaw... what can I say, any thing that is an advert or an alert on tv is just a HUGE PAIN! But my cat does stare at my while i use the computer (she sits right on my keyboard and refuses to move) and she also doesn't chase the cursor on the screen... what she does is she steals the keyboard and mouse entirely! (surprisingly no scratches or bite marks anywhere... :D)... I think she abducts my things now because I normally abduct her to give her a bath, except she likes water just not when I give her the bath... :(

Fortunately I love music. I had to wear headphones at work to deter my coworker from interrupting me every five minutes to "chat". Sometimes I'd wear them with no music on and just ignore him.

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commented: Yes ! I used to do this at work and still do it on the train. That or close my eyes so no one bothers me on the train. +0

People and there's absolutely zero hesitation there. I do IT work for a non-IT company. Thus my coworkers have zero appreciation or understanding for what it's like to have someone repeatedly interrupt your train of thought. It doesn't help that I work in the auto industry and people are, by tradition, very talkative. It's an encouraged trait. You don't sell cars by keeping quiet around customers. Team that with my office being right off the showroom and it creates a very annoying environment.

Second to that would be music, excluding classical. I can play classical and remain entirely focused. If anything it actually helps promote focus for me. Especially when it works as an indicator to my coworkers to just let me work (those that actually get the clue).

@Jim, likewise. Music gets me through the day while coding. I forgot my headphones this week and its been horrible!

Music isn't allowed in my new office (which is a small scrafice for job satisfaction), but I used to listen to music in my old job too. Usually something repetitive and melodic, like trance, electro or dance.

As muck as I love indie and other genres there's too many word which considering I have the concentration span of a Nat, isn't good for productivity.

Women, mostly.

And forums like DaniWeb. Oh, and errors. Errors distract me a lot, I can get really annoyed and then leave it for up to a week sometimes.. It's bad!

Agreed Chris, usually have trance/electro/hardstyle on while coding.

Noises always distract me when i'm in the middle of coding and thinking.. tss..