Have you got one? A list of things you would like to achieve before you die?
mine is:
1/ Write a stunning program that 600 people buy, but 60,00 pirate.
2/ Really know and be fluent in another language (Greek in my case).
3/ Visit Tibet.
4/ Win just enough cash to not have to work, or worry about rising bills.
5/ Re no.1, make it open source and give the 600 thier cash back!

Not in any kind of preference order, and you can be selfish, it's your list after all!

Become a billionare
Be an important figure in society
Be the owner of a major company
Go to harvard (or any ivy league school)
Be applicable for young retirement, but continue working...

My bucket list is full of challenging ones, don't you guys say?

live 5 more years
lose some weight
see my great-grandchildren (none yet)
go bungee jumping
go skydiving
win the tax-free lottery

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go bungee jumping

So just do it! Love to see the pics though :)

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1) Pay off my mortgage.
2) Travel to different countries and have a chance to play my piano compositions in front of a crowd in a concert.
3) Get a opportunity to write piano compositions / film scores for movies.

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LastMitch, I'd love to hear your compositions :)

Ancient Dragon, you'll achieve your goals! your's are achievable compared to mine... :)

My bucket list contains only one item - live for 250 years.

My bucket list:

  • Write a Fast Fourier Transform (It's quite difficult!)
  • Finish my Speech Library off
  • Pay off University fee's
  • Get a decent job where I'll be happy and make a difference :)!
  • Country mannor house where and a home in major cities around the world

Mine is not a long list. I want to have enough money so as not to work anymore in my life and I want to travel to different countries and see the world.

I want to have enough money so as not to work anymore in my life

Be careful what you wish for -- rich people actually work harder then poor people because they have to keep what they have and that's not an easy task. Bill Gates can lose Billions $$$ very easily, I don't have to worry at all about that :) :)

I wouldn't mind having to worry about having so much money... like bill gates

just to do good as many people as i can do.
spread peace in world.