Super frustrated and just want to vent ... I've been spending ALL day trying to figure out why the site is taking about 5X longer to render itself today. I've double checked memcache, the database, load averages, etc. Any suggestions? I can't sleep :(


Are you OK? The website is freaking me out. I only see AD name and in PHP it's diafol? Close your eye and take a deep breath.

Yes go to PHP section you will only see daifol and in the Greek Lounge you will see AD and and the Internet Marketing it's all you

Ok it seems like only moderator name appear in each section.

I was about to help someone in PHP then a second later it disapear

OK thanks. I think you been overworking. Get some rest do it when you get up. The website before really freak me.

To Rectify what some retard did to LastMitch

Yeah, sorry about that. Again, thank you for catching it because it totally went unnoticed by me.

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