actually, i am not asking for fun or something. I want to learn something new in these vacations. I know C, Java and moderate knowledge of php. Can you tell me something which i can learn in the vacations ? I have 1 month as vacations and ample time to do anything. thanks.

You can prepare for Microsoft's new "Enlightenment" and learn HTML5/Javascript

Side projects, side projects and more side projects.

That's what I would do anyway. I don't get my winter break from college until he 21st. Even then, I have a massive project I've to get done which makes up a large portion of the marks I receive for my degree.

Any ideas you have for projects, any improvements you can think of for existing projects, take your free time to hack away at them.

Though if you want to learn a new technology/language, I'd advise JavaScript and Node.js. Everything seems to be going towards the web and cloud computing. Knowing JavaScript (and I mean knowing how it works without frameworks like jQuery) is a massive selling-point at the moment. Also, Node.js is a truly awesome software system to work with.

What is microsoft new enlighment ?

@gavinflud why only javascript you are emphasising ? if i wana do project , then which one ? thanks

I only mentioned JavaScript because it's a language I've been using a lot lately. There are plenty of others you could learn.

If you feel comfortable with the languages you currently know, think of a side project to do and go with that. Or you could always help out with any of the thousands of open source projects online.

@gavinflud very nice advice!! what will u say about android development ? is it worthful or an intesteting task so as to learn ?

I would go with Python.
Free from

IDLE is a simple IDE that comes with the Python installation. You can write your program in the IDLE editor, save and run. For small code experiments you can use the Python shell option (has >>> prompts).

If you just want to learn, download Python 2.7.3
Python 3.3.0 is more powerful and more complex.
For either Python version, there is a free online book from

If your are a .NET person, then go with IronPython 2.7.3 from
Now you can use the fancy Studio like SharpDevelop IDE from

There is a Python Forum on DaniWeb with tons of examples, helps and hints.

Knowing Python and C++ is a good combination.

Android development is great, I've done a few Android projects (though none since ICS was released). You already know Java so it should be quite easy for you to start off.

Lardmeister makes a good point for Python though. It's a wonderful language to learn, very powerful and has one of the best looking syntaxes around.

It's definitely a language worth checking out. It's easy to learn, very powerful, has loads of great frameworks and seems to have (to me anyway) a great community.

IDLE is a simple IDE that comes with the Python installation. You can write your program in the IDLE editor, save and run. For small code experiments you can use the Python shell option (has >>> prompts).

Regarding your comment about the '>>>' prompts, Vegasat explains a great and simple alteration to the way IDLE starts. With a small change in the options explained here will start IDLE in the Edit window. To quote Vegasat:

If your version of IDLE starts up in the Shell Window, the one with the >>> prompts, go to 'Options' on the top line and then click on 'Configure IDLE'. In the configure menu go to the 'General' page and set the 'Open Edit Window' at startup option, then click on 'Apply'.

I want to learn something new in these vacations.

Learn to relax. It seems to be a lost art.

in this world of competiton, how can i relax ? :-)

in this world of competiton, how can i relax ? :-)

That's the way to think, but with one proviso... don't limit your growth to the world's expectations, or competition, as you put it. The world thinks in terms of little boxes and how many it can stack up.

If you can use imagination then you have the greatest programming language anyone could ever possess. Everything else is just a tool for you to fulfil your masterpiece. So, what do you want to make?

Whatever you achieve, if the world understands any of it, then the world will pile up its little boxes to interface with it. But never ever measure your creation in terms of little piles of little boxes. Your imagination is your limit. :)

commented: wow! really impressive! what the thinking u have sir! +0

You mean you want to work on your vacation? Take some time off from programming and do something else, like skiing, sky diving, or scuba diving. Or just relax, go to the beach and watch the girls go by.

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commented: They don't realize that these young days are very precious. Preach AD preach! +0

Try building an app for the vacation... or do Ancient Dragon's suggestion :)

Wow.. seeing this thread makes me want to study other language..
Hmmm.. it seems that no Holiday Vacation from me this year :)


As you may have guessed, AD & I are both retired (and loving it).

And I am working my up until retirement (and loving it... sometimes...)

i want to retired too but i'm still young and no money to provide for myself haha
need to work hard

@ zick technlogy same here.. i am just 20. :-D and my retirement is soo far :-) want to earn more and more money.

@ancient dragon your suggestion was simply blossom! :-)

@michael which app ypu are talking about ? thanks to all. :-)

I'm so jealous to AD and Reverend.. :) haha well soon enough i also need to retired but not today I still in the starting line of my career.. Too far to the finish line..

Just stay focus and give all the best you can give..

well ... a month is quite some time.
the options are (almost) unlimited.
start a small project on your own, learn a new technologie/framework/ basics of another language, get certified, go out and have one hell of a party (it's much more fun being hungover if you don't have to get to work in the morning :) ), join a team that works on an open source product, read up on some of the 'current hotspots' in IT, ...

come to think of it, if you try to do half of it, your month 'll be over rather fast, so ... enjoy :)

Or just relax, go to the beach and watch the girls go by.


Android development is great,

Or you could combine both of these activities and create FemBots like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers!


@stuluske your each word has always some worth. (am damn serious!) . Can you please tell mewhat can i learn as new technology ? and what do you mean by get certified ? thanks alot.

I wouldn't mind spending some time exploring the Google Chromebook computer. Sleek, thin, leightweight and relatively inexpensive. If I could just get my hands on the Acer C7 Chromebook, sold out everywhere I go. Looks like Python is available too.

since I don't know what you know now, it's hard for me to answer that question, but without a doubt, there are bound to be languages or frameworks that you don't know, yet are worth knowing.

with getting certified, I mean exactly that. in some countries, recruiters are not interested in certifications, in other countries, good luck in finding a job if you don't have one.

depending on the field you (want to) work in, there 'll always be certifications through which you can prove you've "mastered" the knowledge for the job, for a junior/senior/architect ... position.

okay! lemme open what i know at this time.

languages: C, C++(which i am learning), Java and PHP (basic)
OS: windows, ubuntu
web development: HTML,CSS, javascript, PHP
computers : Algorithms, data structures, DBMS, networking and OS.

what will you say now that what should i learn ? :-)

@hira.syed i have worked on websites. about what you are talking ? mean how can i randomly work on any website ?