thank you sir, priteaes. But can your please elaborate that what exactly do you want to convey ? i have read about the book description but didn't get much. thanks.

How about knitting yourself a sweater?

@ene Uran thank you for your valuable comment. i have already knitted for myself. how about knitting for you ? :-) thanks.

Design patterns are common well practiced solutions to partial problems. They are language independent. It is highly recommended you can recognize when they are used, or when they should be used.

How about learn a new language? Like spanish...

or develop the next angry birds...

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Vacation, as many have stated is for, well, a vacation. How are you going to feel after a month's vacation, having been thrumming at your computer for the whole time? Sod it, go out and live in the real world. If you're trying to pick up new skills for a prospective job or something, I suppose fine, but otherwise look forward to the "skydiving and watching girls go by". I know loads of idiots that lost out on the good things in life because they were phaffing around with tech, instead of experiencing things at first hand. Don't be a drag.

actually sir, i have my placement session in coming august. amazon, facebook,google,yahoo,microsoft, bain, sail, TI these type of companies are going to come in my campus. so i was thinking that i can do somthing which make me a little bit different from others so i can have an edge from others. that's why i am asking you all GREAT people that what should i do as to improve myself. thanks.

You know... every major company is looking into mobile development... why not you develop an app like instagram or a game like angry birds?

isn't android application is under the mobile development ? ( may be this question is stupid). thanks.

Mobile applies to phones that uses apps (which can include tablets)... in your case (android) it counts under mobile development.

so according to you, it is beneficial to do android ?

more people do iOS (iphone) but a lot also do android... so have a good knowledge both.
(Angry Birds is not just on iphone)

what about SEO n Internet Marketing.. its gaining huge popularity these days!!

started learning android now.. ^_^ and will start a project in next 3 days.

@tech-ultrasonic What exactly do you mean in SEO ? do you mean it's implementaion or something like that ? can you elaborate ? thanks.