plzzz give advices. :-) wana celebrate it.

start living more healthy, and you might be able to see
01/01/2101 :D

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awesome and superb answer! really! :-) most funny and most worthy answer.. my fb status now.. :-) hahahah.. same to you sir. if we were there in 2101, then surely we will refresh this thread again. :-p ahha.

It are all just numbers and their representation. There is really nothing more to it. What about 101010 in binary? 10 october 2010? Or the well known number 42 (decimal) from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

haahah! nice answer by stultuski

Lots of folks get married on the date. Easy wedding date for the husband to remember.

Anything that involves a dozen. Mmmmm doughnuts.

how about take a picture of 12:12 AM at 12/12/12 and post it on Facebook at 12 AM (gotta be fast)....

yeah, about those weddings ...
I read a newsarticle the other day about one of these couples. Their decision to get married on 12/12/12 was taken a bit quickly. Their initial plan was to get wed on 13/13/13, figured out just in time that that wouldn't be possible.
morons :)

Doesn't really matter because the world is coming to an end in 13 days (21 Dec). :)

How can you celebrate it? By taking a picture of that moment, at the right time, so that you can always remember it. IMG_1406

here am in india, and today is 13/12/12 :'(

@Ancient Dragon: The world is ending on 21 december!!?! Aaaargggh! I already ordered my backed turkey! How am I ever going to pay the delivery boy?

@ancient dragon awesomeeeeeee presence of mind. what an answer!! :-)