Well for me i want to have a new phone or Cash :)

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My Christmas is Tomorrow. It's always been a week before Christmas. I always go and visit a friend that I knew to 10 years now. I only see her once a year. I always drop by where she's work and give her a Christmas Card and talk to her for a few minutes. She always glad to see me. This is my Christmas gift.

My Christmas gift is having my older son fly home from Long Island to spend the holidays with us. He's due here Wednesday evening.

Well, what if you don't celebrate Christmas? But if i did, I wouldn't mind a doberman pincher (it will go nice with my maltese, they can finally wrestle my cat with an advantage).

But really, I don't want anything for holidays (even though i don't celebrate)... just as long as your family is with you, that is the perfect holiday gift. :)

@LastMitch, how nice :)
@Reverend Jim, let me guess... he is a college/university student?

I want everybody to leave me alone around christmas, so I can finally get to building my first win8 store app.

commented: wow this is cool!.. +0

I just want peace for this Christmas, due to every-day fuzz, I tend to get really tired, so the best Christmas present for me would be a relaxing/peacefully time, where I can really rest (death excluded).

@MICHAEL - He's doing a post-doc in bio-physics.

Get together with friends over some good chow and drink.

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Try to relax. Failing that it'll be diazepam from the doc.

if i can't afford to buy a new phone. Then i just want to relax and celebrate the christmas season and also the new year :)

@LastMitch is that your friend or is it the girl you dream of?

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@LastMitch is that your friend or is it the girl you dream of?

A friend. I only talk to her a few minutes at her workplace to see how she is doing. Then I go home. I don't bother her because she's a nurse and she works at a hospital.

By any chance LastMitch... Does she live far from you? You said you see her once a year.

@lastmitch how come that you can give such an effort just to meet her in this christmas?

hmmm i want PEACE!!! we'll be spending Christmas in my in-laws.. and that's something really exhausting... :(

Putting up with relatives and missing my friends.

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@Zick Technology

I'm a very private person. I never mention this to anyone. But when you post what I want for Christmas. This always pop up in my mind.

I just want to give her a Christmas Card and ask how's she doing. As long she is doing fine and happy. Then everything is OK.

No more questions. It's over.

allright i understand Merry Christmas Everyone :)

i go home with my family . that great

Relax, take two days from work, write some code, get this damned pc to work properly!
and good food and beer..... simple!

Man... everyone wants to be away from work...

That's unfortunate for some employees that work at local stores...

It would be nice to get anything Apple makes.
I would settle for one day nobody gets shot.

I am getting a new phone this Christmas, it will take me some time to get over this.