Hi i still have many question in the future is it okay to ask around if i have problems about vb.net I'm new in vb.net so I'm going to ask a tons of question.. I hope is it okay to the admin and to the people around here :)
Thank you

Its okay to ask many questions, most people would ask more questions than answer more questions. So it is normal :) As long as we are not doing your work :)

Hi Zick, asking questions and learning more is what DaniWeb is all about - along with sharing your knowledge as you progress in your programming development of course.

=) thank you daniweb since I'm always asking in daniweb i will make this as my co-workers friend :)

BUT please post your questions in the appropriate forums. A question about VB.NET does not go in Geeks' Lounge. I've moved it to the vb.net forum, oddly enough...

ow... I'm very sorry...

Hello, Ezekiel.

Welcome to the DaniWeb forums.
Maligayang pagdating.
We are glad you joined us.

These forums are an excellent resource: lots of good information and many knowledgeable members here.

It is a great place for the sharing of ideas. I am sure you will learn a lot here.

See you around the forums.

Thanks @DaviB, Yes your right there are many knowledgeable members here..
They also quickly response in my thread..
That is why I'm always active in here. but only on weekdays :)