it's as the title says ..

mine was I'm Yours --Jason Mraz

so what's yours ?

Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict. It is rock song with the longest title and is pretty damn good - I heard it live on their Umma Gumma tour in quadraphonic stoned on acid. It still sometimes sneaks into my consciousness when I am in the wilderness (like that scene in Zatoichi when he is walking into the village before the grand finale dance scene. If you want to see some serious swordfighting, look at this or any of the original 21 Zatoichi films.)

Would songs that i last played on an instrument count? But anyways: Flight of the Bumblebee - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (i did it on piano, i am trying to memorize it)

One of my favorite progressive rock bands, Tool, has a song called Lateralus that is truly a work of art using the Fibonnaci sequence as it's vocal driver. The song has been covered by many on the Youtubes but this piece is a testament to it's art.

the first time by bruno mars..
it's not really my type but oh well.. wmp sometimes surprise me

I last heard "Happy Birthday" because of my neighbor's 2 year old daughter's birthday. Man, they were loud in their back yard. I purposely left our backyard so i don't have to hear their voices because it hurts so bad to listen to them! Picture 30 people screaming "Happy Birthday" and a dozen babies crying.... it's annoying.

here i am - bryan adams
i liked this song coz of the movie Spirit

is that in your playlist? or you're just watching spondebob?
or maybe your neighbors sung it .. it's a cool song tho, i used to sing that XD

Sorry seems to be the hardest word - blue

"Down In The Hole" from "Emotional Rescue" (1980), an album by The Rolling Stones.
Listen to this their album for 32 last years.

Gangnam style... i hate that song... it doesn't deserve all of its praise nor is it catchy...


(@LM - it's even got the lyrics - who said my language was difficult to read?)!

It's sound great! It's old fashion rock song! The Lights of London is catchy song!

Yes, I still have to read the lyrics, it's hard for me to pronounce it correctly. Thanks for the sharing!

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