Whoops its round 9 not 8! D'oh!

Only two rounds left and only 39 days until the world cup! Yay! Anyhoo it was quite a hard round last week... with only two people getting the "hard nut" question - Courtney and Anita Fajita! Congrats

Here are last weeks answers -

1. This weeks "hard nut" name this band:
2. 'mmm bop' is a song by which band?
Hanson! Don't worry if you got this question right just about everyone else did! So your not the only sado! Wink
3. Who thinks pulling famous girls when your famous is just like pulling girls when you wasn't famous? - try saying that after a few pints.The Streets
4. Ricky Gervais used to be in which band?
Seona Dancing
5. "You go and then come, between me" is a lyric from which song?
Je t'aime moi non plus - Serge Gainsbourg

How did you do?:

And to this weeks questions:

1. This weeks super hard nut (tip its of a similar style to last weeks):
Name the artist - Redneck oil tit only.
2. Wolfmother originate from which country?
3. Audioslave have been built from the ashes of which two bands?
4. Name the film and character (bonus point) in which a particular strut and waggle of fingers was set to Jimmy Hendrix's Foxy Lady.
5. "Either up your nose or through your vein, With nothin to gain except killin’ your brain" is a lyric from which song?

Thats it for now amigos! Have fun and good luck.
Steve http://www.blackdrop.com/music/

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1.) No idea!
2.) Australia
3.) Soundgarden & Rage Against The Machine
4.) Foxy Brown
5.) White Lines - Grandmaster Flash

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