I want to buy a camera, which brand and model is the best one? Help!

Is there a specific price range and a specific type of camera you look for? I have a few in mind from Canon and Nikon.

Impossible to answer the 'what product should I buy' question, as with all things, until you answer the 'what do you want to use it for' one. And saying 'take photos' isn't good enough to get a good enoguh response :)

@happygeek, lets assume she is a photographer and needs it take pictures for portraits or landscape, etc. but yes I 150% agree with you.

If she was a photographer needing kit for portraits etc, then I would imagine she would have a good idea as to what the best equipment to purchase for her needs would be.

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Last year I bought a Cannon 65D just to play with. It takes great pictures and it's easy to use. Admittedly I have not learned everything yet. The only thing I don't like about it is the picture files are sooo huge that I have to crop them down in order to post them online anywhere. I wanted to buy a wide-angle photo lense for it, until I found out they cost as much or more as the camera.

Look at this website: dpreview.com
They've got some great reviews there

Just a month a ago bought a canon digiatl camera. And its awseome.
I will suggest to buy a cannon camera.

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Maybe they are just looking for any way to increase their number of posts.

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For the best pictures I would recommend a Hasselblad H3D-39II