Hi. I am looking for a few hard-core techy's who are interested in taking a truly incredible idea and turning it into a reality. The only stipulation is you must be a college student but age doesn't matter.
What is in it for you? First place gets to share $50,000, world wide recognition for our product and a free trip to Russia in July for a week. Not to mention the grants we get for winning.
I am also looking for someone to mentor the group through this.
If interested, please leave me a messag. I will be checking back often.
We don't have a lot of time though, so if we want to do this we need to do it quickly.

Thanks for reading this post

I'm personally not interested and I don't qualify in any case, but if you want to attract interest I suggest you provide some details as to the type of project, time commitment, timeline, scope, required skillsets, etc.

yes i have also planned for imagine cup ...im in final year of software enginnering ...so let me know if u are interested..also give some details what type of app do u want to develop

I am building a GPS unit that focuses on motorcyle riders. Pretty awesome stuff. I'm also in my final year - final semester actually. Well, that isn't exactly true either. I have one more semester to go after this one. What school do you go to?

well actually i am already busy in my final year project and also one live project so would feel diffult to decide before knowing any information like difficulty,time,requirements etc and also in which category would u apply...ur experience,previous projects, expertise,skills,education and lot more questions...one another thing that i also have my own idea so it depends that if ur idea is better than mine than i will decide to work with u...if u like to share..im in NED university

I've got my team picked out and we are well underway. Thanks to all who were interested.