I am posting looking for anyone who is or has hosted with greentohost.com, So any experience on greentohost on their green hosting plan please share with me, thanks

i noticed that they have pretty good reviews, but I have never used them before so my opinion isn't as valuable but if your looking for hosting, the best people to host with is with GoDaddy, they are by far the most popular and best host there is out there.

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best host there is out there.

That's a very bold statement. Do you have anything to back it up?

That's a very bold statement. Do you have anything to back it up?

Of course.

I guess what I'm getting at, is that you stated it as fact (maybe not intended) that they are the best. Reviews are incredibly subjective, because people are subjective and will always have some bias. Here's some user reviews from the second link of a Google search for "godaddy reviews": http://www.whoishostingthis.com/hosting-reviews/go-daddy/. Some people weren't too happy with their hosting, so it would look like GoDaddy is not the best, in their opinion.

Also, read this review again: http://web-hosting-review.toptenreviews.com/godaddy-review.html and use its "Compare" feature. GoDaddy only came in at number 1 in ease of use (tied with 2 others). How could the best have fallen behind others in some areas?

EDIT: In fact, according to that review (that you posted) justhot.com is better: http://web-hosting-review.toptenreviews.com/. It beat or tied GoDaddy in every category.

That is true, not every host is perfect... However,it is up to the users to pick whatever host they want... But yes, our opinions are quite useless... It is all up to each individual to pick what they want.

commented: Don't get me wrong, I don't think anyone's opinion is useless. +0

I've never used them, but in my opinion GoDaddy wouldn't be the best. I have tried multiple times with GoDaddy and haven't had a good customer experience!