Basically in this game all you do is come up with a name of a company (that is real). So the rule is to come up with a company name using the last letter of the previous company.

For example, if the first user says "Google", then the second user would come up with a company name using the last letter, in this case E-Trade. (do your best not to repeat the previous company names)

Do you guys get it?

So lets start.

The first company name is: Apple

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  • > (try and find a company that starts with !) :) ha ha I found one (providing learning material for the !Xhosa language). Not an exclamation mark, but an alveolar click. (At least, I don't cheat!): !Xhosa Fundis Read More


@salimpuzza, thanks to you now I am stuck on x because of mike_2000_17's answer lol


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