(try and find a company that starts with !) :) ha ha

I found one (providing learning material for the !Xhosa language). Not an exclamation mark, but an alveolar click. (At least, I don't cheat!):

!Xhosa Fundis

commented: good job, I searched for 1/2 hour to no avaiil +0

^^^^ Cheater

Hey, i am thinking outside the box :)

Okay, next company is:


XNET Corporation
Software and Technology Services

i am going to assume that services is the last word of that mouthful company name


I am going to assume consltancy is the last word of the name

Yum Brands! (don't worry about the "!")


Exxon mobil

Excel (there is a company called that, near where i live (about 20 miles))