So lets play a deal or no deal game. This game has been played on other forums and here are the instructions.

You have to reply 'Deal' or 'No Deal' to whatever was posted in the last post. It can be anything such as food, a game, an animal, a person, etc. .... Then you have to post something for the next person to take it or leave it. 

So lets start with the first deal is:

Lamborghini Aventador J (i provided the link incase you have not heard of it)

I don't get it, what do I get if I say "No deal"? Do I get that car if I say "Deal" ?

For the Lamorghini: No Deal. I don't want it, cost too much in taxes and insurance, and it probably can't pass a gas station,

80 inch television

I don't get it, what do I get if I say "No deal"? Do I get that car if I say "Deal" ?

Well, basically... if you say deal, you get whatever that was offered and if it was no deal, you don't take it for some reason...

Deal, i wouldn't mind one like that in my room :)

Dachshund (it is a dog also known as a weiner dog)

Deal, I'll give it to my daughter who already has three.

Toyota Prius (I aleady have one)

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Deal, i would save lots on gas :) (my older sibling got one for his first car)

Pet Dragon

No deal.... Never would like to own such dangerous pets..

Cheese Garlic Bread (actually I am having it right now... :P)

Deal, i am hungry...

A kitten.

No deal, too old for me and not as fast as the 0-60 in 2.9s Mclaren, my favorite car

McLaren P12

Deal, I like having a car collection.

Pet Rock.

It is an 1960 clasic that porsche... I will go bald and give up my teeth for that beuty...

Deal, I like a pet rock, it only needs food when you feed it... :) (reminds me of Jenna in the Septimus Heap Series by Angie Sage)

A medieval european double edge sword and scabard with fancy engravings and forged with volcanic heat.

No deal, i don't want something old (i am a bit strange, not into most old things)

A fat cat (like my avatar)

No deal, better if would be a Charizard

nokia 1110

no deal... i don't like nokia

rolls royce wraith.

No deal I don't know whta that is.


no deal, i have one already

A cat

no deal, my colony already have one


no, that is too small.

x-ray vision?

deal, i can see many things now....

3D glasses

no deal... they don't do very much...



ooops sorry about that!

deal, i take ferrari.

pet rock

no deal, their body is very hard.


Sure, why not?

New Mansion?

sure, man big place to play hide n seek

a scratching post for your cat

Deal, I don't want to get scratched.

A pink turban.

no deal, red looks better

laughing gas