no deal

a tyre of Lamborghini

No deal

100 MBPS Internet Connection

deal . i like Meat a cow
ipad air

Deal, since I don't have one yet.

Giant Gundam Robot thats possible of intergalatic space travel.

No deal, it's probably a plad sweater anyway.
A chance to meet Fred in person

No deal, which fred...

ps4/xbox one

Deal, I guess...

A chicken

Deal, why not?

A falcon

Deal, I like falcons

An annoying dog but very cute

Sure, why not?

How about a quadrocopter

Deal, i could use a new one.

A donkey

No deal. I could just use a car. :)

A gold Ferrari

Deal, who would say no to that?

A gold prius :D

Deal. Anything gold I'll take it. Anayway it's also a hybrid :o

A platinum Tesla!:o Enviromently friendly!

Deal, it's a tesla, duh?

a 1000th of a penny for every sentence you say?

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Deal, I'll just talk a lot for the rest of my life and get not lots but some money. :) And I'll say short sentances :)

A bronz baseball

Deal, it'll be fun playing baseball :)

A dollar for every dollar you don't have :D

Granted... :)

A beach ball

Deal, oooops it popped. I don't want it anymore.

12 chihuahas?

No deal to much work

5000 dimes

Sure.... why not.


No deal, what kind. I play the violin. If it's a Stradivarius, deal!

A cat. :)

no deal, already got one (and 2 dogs)

a cockroach?

No deal

A post in the Have you ever forum

um, why not?

a falcon