No deal, it will fly all over the house and poop everywhere. :D

A pig

No, i am a muslim.

ipad air

Deal, i wouldn't mind fresh dairy products...

A psvita?

Deal, i will control the world!

.05% of google shares?

Deal, that was easy!

A time machine!

Yes, now i can take over the world's most powerful companies ;D

A gender change?

No deal, I like girls :)

A machine that would restart your life. :o

Deal, i live forever! ;D

change of careers?

Maybe deal

Change of race

Deal, woooh! i am now a brick!

A dumb large dog.

No deal

A smart small dog :)

Deal, we have 2 of those ( boy Havenese and boy maltese)

A cat with a horrible attitude

Deal, I do not like cats moving around my house. It irritates me!
Listening music in home is better than listening live music...

um... deal, i guess?

tickets to a live concert? ;)

No deal, what kind. :o

Tickets to the final in Brazil for the world Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deal, i wouldn't mind one like that in my room :)

No deal...this exhausts me...
Tickets of a movie and spend just 2 hours...not so exhausting...

Okay... a violin