In this game you need to give wierd reasons to ban who's on top.

i will start:
I Ban you for looking at me!

In the south it feels like spring time, it's January, I like the cold, and your name is chilly. I ban you for reminding me that I haven't properly had my winter yet this year.

Taking bets on how many people will check to see if chilly is actually banned after reading this. ;D

I ban you for creating this thread.

I ban you for stealing Michael Jackson's name

I ban you for accusing me of stealing Michael Jackson's name!

I ban you for not closing your <MICHAEL> tag.

@deceptikon, how did i know you were going to post that?

I ban you (deceptikon) for having a pony avatar!

I ban you for scratching the post

I ban you for accussing me of scratching the post even though i scratched the post but am actually countering you despite me being guilty.

I ban you for having a cat's profile picture

I ban you for telling me i have a cat's profile picture (it is a fat kitten)!

I ban your for posting in this thread

I ban you for posting in this thread to tell me that I am posting this thread.

i ban you for being Posting Maven

I ban you for being a whiz in training.

i ban you having Straight A's in all 7 classes


I ban you for posting 2,576 post till now i am posting this

I ban you for using numbers!

i ban you for joining the daniweb forom April 2012

No one joined here in april....

I ban you for wrong information.

it is shown below ur username
since Apr 2012

I ban for posting the 20th comment

i ban you being the light poster

i ban you for banning him.

I ban you for banning me!

i ban you for having <M/> as your username

I ban you for lack of creativity.

i abn you for not lacking in creativity