What is your favorite thing/person/animal/etc.? Basically, all you do is say what is your favorite based off of the previous persons subject.

For example,

Favorite Forum
Response: Daniweb.

And after you give your response, put in another question saying what is their favorite whatever.

Okay, hopefully you guys get it... lets start.

What is your favorite breakfast food?

a big bowl of cornflakes and nescuick

What is your Favorite car

Lamborghini Aventador J

What is your favorite animal

commented: Lamborghini WOW +0

a Cat. like the one on your Avatar
What is your favorite Computer Game

The Saboteur (Pandemic Studios)

What is your favourite colour?

Red, it is awesome!

Who is your favorite athlete.

Myself.... okay fine, Michael Jordan

Who is your favorite female actress?

My sister... believe me, she is that good... (what, were you guys expecting me to say Megan fox or that other Transformer Girl)

Your favorite dog breed.

lebra dog and German Shepherd Dog

what is youe favorite tv show


Your favorite stock

Beef. It makes tasty veggy soup. :)

Who is Your favorite author?

@TnTinMN, i wasn't refering to that kind of stock, i was refering to stocks such as AAPL, EA, GOOG, FB... lol

Malcolm Gladwell

Who is your favorite female supermodel.

commented: I know, but I have to be contrary +0

Rosie Huntington Whitely

Who is your favorite super hero

My parents (who wouldn't pick their dad)

What is your favorite computer?


what is your favorite tv show

The blank dusty screen.

How many would be lost with out TV to tell them what to think?

Edit: oops forgot thread topic

What is your favorite question?

How many would be lost with out TV to tell them what to think?


What is your favorite animal

Chipmunks. Always good for a laugh.

Favorite Icecream?

Mint Chocolate Chip

Your favorite school subject

My upcoming favorite game is ArcheAge,and the sims.

um... that wasn't the right answer to the question... The question was what your favorite school subject. Unless you had a sims class with a teacher named ArcheAge.

Anyways, lets skip that question...

What is your favorite type of hand watches? (bet you guys are going to say rolex)


Your favourite software?

Microsoft Visual Studio

What is your favorite type of beverage?


Favourite character of a video game?

(Sorry for not answering the last question right iv only just seen it, it was for the school subject)

Tomb Raider's Lara Croft ;)

Favorite car?

Pagani zonda

Favourite comedy?

3rd rock from the sun

Your favorite ritual to think about your code?


Your favorite vacation spot.