favorite scripting language

haven't decided on that...

favorite animated film.

Dispicable me

Favorite action movie

That is a hard one... I don't know.

Favorite historic icon.

Lokmanya Tilak

favorite PC game

I don't have one.

Favorite MMORPG

TPPCRPG, a pokemon game

favorite sport?

FOOTBALL! (american)

favorite olympic sport?

Badminton, I used to play this with my friends

favorite cat color?

robin sharma " the monk who sold his ferrari"

favourite writer

sorry i wasn't see a last page, okay now we start.
favourite writer sujatha & rajesh kumar

favourite bird

mandaran duck

favorite dog.

Alsetian breed

favorite fish


favorite cat breed

umm.. That is hard. Idk

Favorite mall.

Irvine Spectrum

Favorite Olympic athlete.

Usain Bolt

Favorite olympic runner from 1970-2013

Usain Bolt... (running and sprinting can be considered the same sport).

favorite ipad/iphone/ipod app?

fruit ninja

favorite subject


Favorite pokemon


Do you watch Pokemon??

favorite Console??

My most favorite resturant is, l'entrecote. Its a french resturant that only serves french fries and stake. Its really good!!

you haven't posted favorite

favorite movie??

Don't have a favorite

Favorite Pokémon?


favorite gadget???

haven't decided.

Favorite forum

Posting games

favorite place to visit???

Coca Cola

Favorite feature in a person you would be in a relationship with...? (in my school, it is how attractive they look).

It is how they are behave with others, don't see if whether they are attractive or not. I used to have friends of good nature.

favorite cold drink