favorite country

India, I love my Country

favorite comic

I don't read comics

favorite arachnid.

none I just hate them

favorite bird

I change my mind every day, today it is the hawk.

favorite mammal.

Ummm... favorite ghost? My english teacher from last year... (she is old!)

favorite clothing company

don't have though, prefer any brand

favorite weapon

the human body

favorite singer

Bryan Adams

favorite alphabet

English alphabet

Favorite composer.

My dad (They used to compose songs as a hobby)

favorite statue

um.... never thought of that one...

favorite software

jalpesh... you didn't anwer the question...

Favorite daniwebber on daniweb?

don't know

your favorite daniwebber on daniweb

jalpesh, start following the rules of this thread.

Let me start again. Favorite book:

Outliers by malcom gladwell

favorite fish

favorite type of computer

Macbook air

Favorite actor

My fave animal is a cat. I have 2 Siamese cats at home.

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my favorite brekfast is alo paratha

Let me start again- Favorite lunch

French dip sandwhich
Favorite programming language to write in

Computing ;D

Favourite magazine (keep it appropriate, guys >.>)

@britanicpie you're suposed to answer the previous question and provide the next poster with a question to answer.

Favourite operating system?