I like to buy the products online especially on discounted items on gadgets, mobile phones and etc.; but my problem is how I am going to ship it. My friend suggested that I should try parcelbound.com. Anyone here who has heard or try this? Or can you recommend me a trusted cargo forwarder online that you know of?

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why ask about the outfit you are advertising in your signature? Huh? SPAMMER
Lame-ass sig-spammer. Are you really daft enough to pose fake questions about links in your own signature?
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If you buy stuff online then the choice of shipping handler is limited to whatever the seller is offering .

If you are sell stuff online, then your question becomes a valid one rather than just looking, and smelling, a lot like spam...

(EDIT) Especially now that a link to the very same company you say has been recommended to you is your signature

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Trend Micro has this to say about the link in your signature

Trend Micro has confirmed that this website can transmit malicious software or has been involved in online scams or fraud.

It smells like something and it's not teen spirit.


I have a store offline on gadgets,electronics and etc. and would like to try importing these products which I find it more cheaper online.

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don't believe you

If this is an innocent question "...My friend suggested that I should try parcelbound.com" then why do you show a link to this company in your signature. Looks like spam.

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*ding!* winner!
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