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a walk to remeber, americon pie,the core, journy to the center of earth, jurasic park 1 2 3, forbbid-kingdome,the hulk, spider men 1 2 3, batmen dark night,dracula,gruj 1 2 3,the hole, hollow men 1 2, mr. and mrs. smith and the list continue next time


hii every one

the movies a saw yet are The Beautiful Mind,Beauty and Beast,Walk to Remember,The Pacifier ,Terminator ,Alot Like Love,Titanic,The Deep blue Sea,The Lion King,SALT,Anaconda 1,2,Godzilla,The Mummy,Jorge In jungle,Fast and furious,Harry Potter,Hangover 1,2, P S I love U,Tangled,The crocodile,Slum dog Millinior,Wax,The Car,Bolt,Taken,Matrix 1,2, charlies angles,50 first Dates.......so many are cuming into my mind ..:)

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