What events have happened on your birthday? My b-day was today, and I decided to ask this.

Here are some events that happened on my b-day:

  • Malcolm X died
  • Nascar is Incorporated
  • The New Yorker issues its first print
  • I was born
  • Carolina parekeets went extinct (i think i spelled it wrong)
  • Founder of Digg was born

what about your birthdays?

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happy b-day
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Happy Birthday <Michael>... but where's your birthday bunny?

Mine is 14th July and on that day:

  • Billy The Kid was shot.
  • The French revolution.
  • Capital punishment is abolished in Canada.

Happy Birthday Michael, February is a great month for birthdays. Mine, my son and my daughter were also born during February.

The only memoriable thing I could find on my birthday was

  1. 4 chaplains drown after giving up their life jackets to others (WWII)

Happy B-day Michael.
So, I was born on 31st of October. One fun fact though:
2011 – The global population of humans reached seven billion. This day is now recognized by the United Nations as Seven Billion Day.

There's a long list about this day, for those who are interested:
Wiki 31st October

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Happy Birthday <Michael>!!

Stay away from Caffeine. I think you been getting too high. =)

Why you mentioning people passing away on your B-day?

I mean gosh it's your B-day.

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but i like caffeine though lol!

I was born on Veteran's Day. On my birthday in history ... Naa, too easy.

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my dad was born on veteran's day also, guess you guys share the same b-day!

Thanks for the birthday wishes you guys. You will be amazed on what i did for my b-day (i went to my college class and high school and i did homework the entire day! Yeppie!)

@ChrisHunter- Here is my b-day bunny (below)

( '.')

@AD- February is a good month for b-days, but to be honest... all months are unique because of their events that they contain.

@Lucaci Andrew- wow... so you represent 7 billion people then? That is cool!

@LastMitch- well... I thought it was a good idea to mention births, deaths, and events... In other words people die everyday and people are born everyday, so might as well mention it. Also, I think i may need some more coffee ;)

@Dani- my dad shares the same b-day.

@JorgeM- thanks!

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