Probably about 10-14 hours on weekdays. Weekends vary from 16 hours to as little as 2-3 hours a day, depending upon whether I want to tackle a weekend project.

Well, at least in my case, my day job is spent in front of a computer at work, so that's 8-9 hours right there. Then, typically another 2-3 hours hanging out on the computer at night after dinner, before bed.

Same. At least 8 hours at work (usually around 10) then whatever time is left until 1am at home. I have activity days though where I will not go home but instead play Badminton or go Ice Skating or just visit friends.

As much as I love what I do, I like to unlock the chains every now and again ;)

About 6 hours during the week and 2 hours on the weekend. I don't watch much TV, but spend time outside.

Wow u guys spend lot of time in from of pc. Does anybody have computer vision syndrome or any headaches like problems?

I spend a lot of time at the computer playing Diablo III. That's about the only computer game I really enjoy playing. I play it probably 4-5 hours/day.

I work in front of a computer 8 hours a day, play computer games a couple hours a day, and spend at least 2 hours an evening making glass beads.

@Ancient Dragon, is Diablo 3 that fun? I think i have to try it at one point... if the fourth one comes...

I've been playing Diablo since it was first released Dec 31, 1996. You can download a free version to see if you like it before paying $60 for the full version. It's a role playing game very similar to Dungeons and Dragons -- kill the monster and grab the treasure. If you are looking to see blood and guts you will be disappointed, when you kill the monster(s) they just disappear.

blood and guts you will be disappointed, when you kill the monster(s) they just disappear

I guess i may be a bit dissapointed if that is the case ;)... but not many games actually keep their kills on the ground.

I spend at least 8hours a day 5 times a week infront of a computer in work, but if I don't go climbing or something like that after work it can be 12hours!

It really depends on what I am doing. If I just check my email and facebook, it can go from 3-4 hours. If I were playing an online game such as ArcheAge and it were addicting, it would balloon to 6-8 hours.

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