What is that one thing you regretted in your life?

For example: Joining stackoverflow.

Anyways, the biggest regret that I have made was walking my dog without a leash during the night. How about you guys?

Did you loose him?

Mine is propbably not going on a 3 week road trip around America with a couple of friends, even though my parents offered to loan me the money.

They're pretty good like that my parents, they'ed rather me borrow the money and experience something like that (because they know I work hard to pay it back as quick as possible), than not do it an regretting it later in life.

Moral of the story... Better to live in regret of the things you have done, than those you have not - Lucille Ball (almost).

  1. Should have made more of an effort at University.
  2. A decision I made back in school about where I'd study. At the time I had no idea how that decision would come to affect the other people in my life at the time.
  3. Climbing up the side of a building unaided whilst drunk.

Climbing up the side of a building unaided whilst drunk.

What happened?

I jammed in a gap in the brickwork (like two chimney flues) and sat there until the fire brigade arrived. Managed to get up, but couldn't get down :P

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Good job you didn't try to climb back down or it could have ended a lot worse than it did.

I tried walking back down at first but quickly realised that it was a bad idea ;)

Hmm, I would't say I have too many regrets.
However, being a Sophmore in college and looking back, I wish I had cared as much about what I was being taught in highschool as I do now. I think I could be really advanced if I had.

I wish I would have traveled near the speed of light and aged slower.

My biggest regret is reading this thread :)

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You need to learn to apprecaite things not thinking about a mistake that you think about everyday.

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"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one." - Elbert Hubbard

@ChrisHunter, I never lost the dog... he jumped onto the street and i caught him... he wasn't very fast though, but he was tiny (small baby maltese at the time).

@AD, nice one...

@Ketsuekiame, why were you drunk in the first place?

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Regrets seem to centre around good decisions at the time, which ultimately turn out to be bad ones later on. Very rarely do we deliberately make bad decisions. Hindsight's a bitch. It's an interesting question though. The guy who made a bad decision two days ago isn't necessarily the same guy who reflects on that decision today.

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@Ketsuekiame, why were you drunk in the first place?

It was atheltic union night at the university. There was much partying :P

Boy... there must have been WAY to much partying if that was the case.

I now believe that the legal drinking age in any country should be 30 or never.

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I now believe that the legal drinking age in any country should be 30 or never.

You may have a point. Most of my 'ouch' moments have resulted from over-indulgence.

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Think about it, most people that get in trouble for being a drunk are normally 30 or younger. So, anyone here want to make it official on paper and send it to the branches of government to make it a new law?

I also believe the same with smoking.

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I now believe that the legal drinking age in any country should be 30 or never.

That will be hard to enforce.

It should be universal rule meaning the world decide on this.

But that will never happend.

But that will never happend.

Of course... it most likely will never happen but it kind of shows that people don't care about living a longer and happier life.

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Of course... it most likely will never happen but it kind of shows that people don't care about living a longer and happier life.

I mean there has been a universal rule meaning the world decide on other things.

Like for example:

AIDS/HIV epidemic where all countries have the same rules to prevent the disease from spreading.

Disaster and Mass casualty from weather related kinda tsunami and earthquake and etc...

I agree Drinking and smoking does cause alot of trouble!!!

And with second-hand smoke you can get harmed with not even doing it yourself.

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Drugs and alcohol are one of the main reasons why younger people are screwed and die early.

No, not that much partying, just enough that hand eye co-ordination was a little off. I'd actually climbined the same thing before, the brick work offered some good purchase. Unfortunately, in a disoriented state, getting down was somewhat difficult =/

I don't believe drinking is the problem, but peer-pressure and socialistic expectations. The "problems" you see from drinking are those who go out and want to end up in that state, in fact, don't think they've "had a good time" unless they reach that state.

This all comes about from a few factors but I think two are primary.
1. Upbringing - If your parents come home hammered every night, then you're likely to do the same growing up.
2. Television/Music - Listen to the pop culture crap that comes on the radio and take note of what they're "singing". I don't think I've heard a song in the last 5 years that doesn't involve going out, getting wasted, finding some boy or girl and taking them home for a good seeing to.

Culture is changing and not for the better, however, you cannot punish the masses for the actions of a minority. The only exception is when harm to others becomes a direct and unavoidable consequence.

For example, you smoking next to me will damage my health. I have no option other than to move away, but if it's the same everywhere, where do I go? In essence, you chose to damage my health and I do not have a choice in that.
Drinking next to me won't necessarily harm me. You drinking will not damage my health unless you so choose to get up and hit me. The problem here is not the act of drinking, but the person doing it.

The indoor smoking ban in the UK did at least some good, but going in to the middle of my city has become horrible. People lining the streets stood about outside smoking, makes me choke. I have to go INSIDE to get a breath of fresh air, but at least that is possible now.

The second problem with bans is that it goes "underground". Ban smoking entirely? Pretty sure the drug dealers will be quick on that uptake...The current drinking age is 18, but you still see children smashed out their faces on cheap alcohol that other people buy for them.

Banning something won't fix the problem, you need to find the root cause and fix that instead, namely, society.

Life consists mainly of walking down a road and taking choices. You can take the left road, or the right road. Whichever road you choose, you should never regret it, because it is impossible to return!(no programmers pun intended here.)
Conclusion: my life is fine as it is, no regrets!

Regrets, I had a few, but then again too few to mention lyrics from this song.

I think living without regret is as bad as living with too many! Never having regret means you never took chances, or that you didn't care about the result. Isn't that a sad way to live? I think you can regret things in life you've done, but see it as a positive. Something that made you who you are today.

@Ketsuekiame it could just mean you took the chances and liked the result. Why would you regret a choice you've made if you liked the outcome.

@Ketsuekiame don't agree. When I was young I had the choice between woman A and woman B. I married let's say B. We had our troubles, I guess like in any marriage. Why would I regret not to being married to A?
I the long run I still am happy with B, could have been even worse with A or better. I don't know, but I don't care. That's life. You never can outrun your fate. This will tell you all about it.

I was actually talking about the extreme, not your particular case, sorry for the confusion.

Having cared about both women and choosing Woman B, Woman A would undoubtedly be upset. I would regret having to make the decision and upsetting Woman A. I would not regret my choice of wife (Woman B) but the fact that I have hurt someone I cared for. Same decision, but the consequences are further reaching than is immediately apparent.

@ChrisHunter - it's hard to come across a decision that is so clear cut as that. Often the lines of I want A and I want B, but I can't have both, blur what can be considered a good outcome. This becomes incredibly more complex when you bring other people and/or emotion into the equation. Sometimes the regret does not come directly from the action but from a consequence of it. It's times like this when you say "I have no regret" that makes me feel a little sad. I feel that regret can help teach us the value of life, freedom and choice.