Think of someone's career/job and think of what will make you go "wait, what?"...

Basically an irony is being built (i don't think irony is the best word).


Here is an example:

A vet owning a slaughter house.

Do you guys get it?

Anyways, that was the first one. It's your turn.

A doctor owning a sick boy.

Is that good?

that is pretty good :)

How about a fire man starting a fire.

lol. what about an apple worker owning a microsoft phone.

how about the owner of Toyota driving a honda civic :)

The founders of Google using Bing.

A dentist having a mouth full of cavities.

The dentist with cavities, is the good dentist,
the dentist without cavities has his theeth done by the Other dentist

A dentist who hates teeth.

Personal trainer what hates exercising.

A Formula 1 world-class racing driver who hasn't passed his driving test

A swimmer who is hydrophobic

a pilot who's scared of flying

A programmer download the codes.

A Taco Bell worker that hates tacos

A firefighter in the rain.

American boy who hates cola )

Microsoft Windows salesman marketing for Apple iOS.

book publisher reading ebook