Hi All!

This is just the forum for me since I am attempting to launch myself into the field of Information Technology. Here in Red Deer Alberta just long enough to take a one year course at the Academy of Learning which will earn me a Network Administration Diploma.

This Diploma will give me hopefully everything I will need to enter the field at an entry level. I have not descided yet if I will go freelance with me knowledge or join up with a local buisiness. at any rate I will work as many years as is nessisary to respectfully have this under my belt and then it's back off to Vancouver to take a 2 year course to become an independant music producer... excitting huh!!! well it may seem like a mixed up plan but I have to try and cover a few of my many interests in the most realistic way possible for me, let me know what you think?:idea:

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Hi. Welcome to DaniWeb. Instead of doing a bunch of different things halfway before moving onto something else, why not do one thing all the way? There are lots of careers out there that let you do computerized music production and will incorporate as many of your interests together. It could definitely turn into a long time career for you. It will also give you the opportunity to move up the ladder and not do a whole bunch of different entry-level things in all your interests.

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