I just found the coolest new BOINC project (BOINC projects are distributed projects that use your spare computer cycles to solve HUGE computational questions from SETI to Malaria to climate research) - it is called Quake-Catcher out of Stanford University. They send you a sensor that you screw to your floor and connect to your computer. The screen-saver is a 10-second delayed view of all the quakes being recorded all over the world - it ab-fab. I live in Seattle which is a subduction zone so they were particularly interested getting a sensor here. I am on the ground floor and leave my computer on 24/7. They have sensors for laptop and desktop; they prefer desktops because of the stability factor.

My current, active projects are World Community, Malariacontrol, and Rpsetta (inactive are UFluids, Lattice, and SpinHenge) on my laptop; on my desktop are climateNet, Einstein, SETI, QuakeCatcher, and a couple others I am too lazy to look up. My group (whick is just me) is Patosi and I am, of course, GrimJack. I know that DaniWeb has its own team.

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Thanks for the reminder. Since I've installed Win8, BOINC is what I've not yet reinstalled. Although I must admit, I'm not a DW team member (Dutch Power Cows).

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