I just found the coolest new BOINC project (BOINC projects are distributed projects that use your spare computer cycles to solve HUGE computational questions from SETI to Malaria to climate research) - it is called Quake-Catcher out of Stanford University. They send you a sensor that you screw to your floor and connect to your computer. The screen-saver is a 10-second delayed view of all the quakes being recorded all over the world - it ab-fab. I live in Seattle which is a subduction zone so they were particularly interested getting a sensor here. I am on the ground floor and leave my computer on 24/7. They have sensors for laptop and desktop; they prefer desktops because of the stability factor.

My current, active projects are World Community, Malariacontrol, and Rpsetta (inactive are UFluids, Lattice, and SpinHenge) on my laptop; on my desktop are climateNet, Einstein, SETI, QuakeCatcher, and a couple others I am too lazy to look up. My group (whick is just me) is Patosi and I am, of course, GrimJack. I know that DaniWeb has its own team.

That is actually kind of cool, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the reminder. Since I've installed Win8, BOINC is what I've not yet reinstalled. Although I must admit, I'm not a DW team member (Dutch Power Cows).