the last version of Windows I never had problems with, was Windows 3.11

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@Ketsuekiame ATI 5870. I believe that that my laptop can and should support 8. It's just that Asus hasn't updated drivers for this thing, and 3rd party drivers from asusrog members don't seem to completely work.

Just download the standard Catalyst drivers from AMD. They should be okay. I rarely use vendor specific as they're too slow with updates.

@NardCake, that is amazing... Microsoft is now our secret weapon against the NK :)

@<M/> lol ya, my only question is, is why NK is using Windows 8 in development of their missle technology, that just makes absolutely no sense to me.

You realise that's a satirical blog right? :P

@NardCake, they just wanted to see the touchscreen features... unfortunately they are retarded....

@Ketsuekiame, yes, yes we know.

Windows Blue is the internal codename for Windows 8.1, which will effectively be an update to Windows 8 based on large scale user feedback on the user interface.

Windows 8 OF COURSE will not run everything ever made in the past. No version ever has, especially games.
While Microsoft tries to maintain backwards compatibility for several releases, they can't test every piece of software under the sun written for Windows (not only is there way too much out there, there's loads and loads out there they don't have access to).
Major resellers like IBM and Adobe work WITH them to ensure compatibility and where needed will have updated versions of their own products at or before release time of a new Windows version.
Most of all game manufacturers don't do that, their margins are too slim, their products typically throw away releases that don't get updated past the first several weeks after release, they simply don't care and don't have the resources for it if they did care.

The main complaints people seem to have about W7 seem related to 1) the unfamiliar user interface and 2) performance on and compatibility with old hardware
SUCK IT UP GUYS! New software ALWAYS means a learning curve, and ALWAYS will require more up to date hardware than that 10 year old netbook running Windows XP.
If engineers had listened to you over the years we'd all still be using wooden sledges to drag scavenged food to our caves, to be charred over open fires ignited by jealously guarded embers kept in clay jars by our tribesmen, like us either naked or clothed in pieces of hide.