Anyone know of websites where one can browse for hours in a professional environment (like work) and be entertained without NSFW type of content popping up here and there.

Something like a Yahoo answers but with smarter people (no offense) I mean discussing/debating/asking questions that matter, of all types such as what will humans evolve into, is homosexuality hereditary, when will earth become uninhabitable. Some interesting type of stuff answered by an intellectual (at least a bit) community.

I recognize this is a weird request. But anything will be appreciated. I have a lot of time at work when I'm waiting on someone to do something and something that will keep the brain awake and occupied will be great :)

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Can't suggest anything offhand but There have been some pretty interesting conversations about various topics in this forum. If you want to start a conversation just post a thread with a topic or topics of your choice. We have more than a few intelligent (and opinionated) people in this community who I'm sure would be happy to participate. I've been hoping for something a little meatier then the recent spate of "what's your favourite <noun>" threads.

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