Today he, this incredible genius of the chess, completes his 50 years.
Bartender! Bloody Marys for everyone on! GrimJack will pay for it =)

Btw, the statistics witnesses that the most lucky human beings are those who were born in April & July.
PS: I was born on June 1, 1964. My mom now is 87 y.o. (I'm the last & late child in my family).

Well, G. Kasparov is a Jew (as Grisha Perelman is, and so on).
I, being a pure Russian (actually I'm a Belarusian, but now it does not matter) would like
to tell you what is wrong with Russians.
Russians are native thieves.
They are too selfish.
They are lazy (me too), the permanent idling is their many-centures' dream.
They are narcissistic to the infinity.
They imagine to themselves that the whole world thinks about Russia only, in 24/7 mode.
They enjoy disasters happened in other countries (e.g., Fukusima - "hehe... where are their famous robots?").
Meanwhile, Japan helped us, after Tchernobyl, enormously - by medical equipment etc.
I doubt that in Japan someone enjoyed Tchernobyl's catastrophe.
They are rude.
<it's enough for today, but all above is abs sooth)>
One sidenote only: you know, guys, now ppl here are better than they were 30-40-50 years ago.