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Welcome to Daniweb SC


Sorry for the misplaced post... More tutorials in the pipeline which I'll post soon... The two closest to completion are...

1. Passwords, the good the bad and the ugly.
2. Trojans, the technology, the detection, the removal.

Let me know if there's a preference. Over on our own site we are planning an "Ethical Hacking 101" course ("beat the hacker by being one yourself"). It'll run over the best part of a year. Again, happy to cross-post some of the content here if there's interest enough.

On another note... Part of the IT security game is staying alert. Example - the WMF exploit back in December 2005. An immediate and unpatched way into anyone's machine via a webpage. Took Microsoft a good couple of weeks to patch... although there were known workarounds/patches in the meantime that could prevent a compromise.

So the question... where would you like these posted? Blog? They'll take the form of news snippets / security alerts / workarounds.


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