My name is Jeannot Thewissen. I have a question.
What is the value of an Original Microsoft xbox with one controller and 7 games.

I hope to get a reply soon, because I got two of them and I want to sell one.

Jeannot Thewissen

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I checked Ebay and they're selling for about $45 Cdn. You'll have to convert that based on where you're from if not in Canada. As for the games, I can't see you getting more than $10 for old Xbox games but that's just an opinion.


Xbox Originals were powerful in their day.. One possible idea other than selling one is that you can put XBMC onto them, turning it into a streaming media center. Another thing you might like is to put Linux onto it (Xebian is Debian, ported to Xbox). You'd then end up with a server with a 700MHz processor, 100Mb/s NIC, 4 USB1.0 Ports and a GPU whose specs I can't remember. You can upgrade the HDD too (my xbox was upgraded from 8GB to 160GB). Anyway, that's far more than enough to run a web server, even with dynamic pages, with well over 1000 hits a day (probably somewhere closer to 10000, assuming a nice, even spread of hits). Cheap to set up, cheap to run, relatively small so it won't get in the way. Just a thought...

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Those things are not worth very much... i sold mine for about 80 dollars but that was a couple of years ago. their value now should be like 20-30...

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