Hey yall, first off re my signature........and the name of "chi1dm4n613r" yes the namein the signature is the name in teh quote i figured yall would know and so why bother hiding in plain site.........

Name: Mike

Nickname: Carpie/chi1dm4n613r

Height: 6'3''

Weight: 210ish (i dunno)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Azul

Location: IL

Age: 24
Hobbies: Music (mainly death,black, speed and heavy metal, and Classical), cars, my gf :D...etc)

Relationship Status: TAKEN

Fav Music: which type and subtype?!
deathmetal: slayer
blackmetal: dimmu borgir
(all other 20+ or more sub types of metal, rap, classical and allother types and sub types of music, if you really wanna know the specifics let me know, or........... go to my MYSPACE page.....just look up childmangler and you will find me, or my user name here........detailed music info there)

Education: college and hs.

Work: law clerk

Favorite Food: *ill get back to ya*

Favorite Movies: see my myspace page........toolazy to type......lol

Favorite TV Shows: family guy, invader zim, two stupid dogs, freakaziod, thunder cats, south park, ...etc

Favorite Video Games: Secret of Mana (SNES) *this was copied but its true!*, Diablo II, Quake 1-4, doom 1-3 aka most First person shooters.

Stuff you Dislike: STUPID PEOPLE

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thanks. i hope to browse around for any technical questions i have and such. good group of people yall have here. nice, smart and courteous. i love that combo :p

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