My yellow VW Beetle is 10 years old. It does very well out here in the desert.

I don't own a car, i can't drive until next year... can't wait to be 16.

So technically, my car is any color :)

My Santa Fe is some kind of ugly silver.

I have two cars, one white and one wine. My grandaughter's car is canaru=y yellow.

can't wait to be 16.

It's not all it's cracked up to be. One day you will blink your eyes and you will be 70.

One day you will blink your eyes and you will be 70

I blinked and I'm going to be 40 this year.

My last three vehicles have been red. Just plain red. Going back to 1986.

I don't know why, it's just worked out that the vehicle I needed/wanted to buy happened to be there, in red.

Royal blue, bought my first car last summer. 2007 tiburon GT. Sexy little self. Got it for a bargin too. 21K miles for 8G.

Well mine is a silver one because it’s a cool and a elegant colour.

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Midnight Blue. It's a crock, so there are flecks of white all over it where I've opened doors against walls. That said, I could never work out how the hell the roof suffered the same fate as the edges of my doors.

Red '93 Del Sol (you can see just a bit of it in my avatar).

Hmm.... still don't have my own car but currently using my mom's black suv, please don't ask the model.

I might as well admit that the reason I drive a yellow car is so I can find it easier in the mall's parking lot. Old age makes you do things like that.

My kids and I have a punching game for yellow vehicles - "Yellow car safety, no punch-back"
We also do the classic "Punch Buggy no punch-back" and "PT Cruiser Bruiser no punch-back".

my car is blue ,and i to wished i was 16,that was 44 years ago ,and on my 60th birthday last week,lol

Canada, Silver 4wd, snow proof travel

Australia, White, Red 4wd convertible, green 4wd wagon, yellow 6w atv, red atv quad, yellow atv quad, blue dirtbike, yellow tractor, yellow grader,
In the bush, if it isnt dust, its mud, everything is awd except the highway car
older, not more mature, just older