Did you hear about the baby in the sewer in China? He was a day or two years old and survived!

Aww, I didn't hear about it. Seems a miracle he survived.

yeah it was amazing. Its on CNN

Authorities now believe that it was not intentional. If the bathroom was equipped with a hole to stand over rather than a western style toilet, I can easily understand how it could happen by accident. And I would rather think of the best of people.

I've heard of stories were the woman didn't know she was pregnant until she gave birth. I wonder.

Thank God that the child is safe, Its a miracle.....I didn't heard about this China news but yes something similar happened in Delhi too..though the child was not as young but he fell in an open borewell which was freshly digged and the resuce team managed to rescue him...

Really? Well, nice and good to hear that.