Hi All,

Since most of you are professionals and I'm trying to be a professional at work I thought I would pop this question at you.

Have you ever had one of those days where your coding stinks, errors are difficult to find, and no matter how you proceed with your task at hand, it doesn't advance?

I ask because this last Monday I came to work and started a Transform process that required some VBA coding and I just couldn’t get it straight. For instance, if I wanted to change values of certain cells depending on the file name type, I kept getting compile errors or the wrong cells were being referenced while the code was running. Or, data types weren’t matching up or Excel would completely crash on me. I literally felt like I couldn’t do anything right on Monday. I wasted so much time trying to locate errors in my code and it drove me bonkers. Yesterday was good, nothing to report, however today I’m having similar issues except now it’s with SSIS and BIDS. 99% of the time, with Excel at least, I can create code to do exactly what I need in a minimal amount of time but yet a couple days ago I felt like a noob! While I’m not that proficient with SSIS yet, I’m usually able to find my errors and fix them in what I think is a timely manner. Today is an exception though.

I’m just curious to see if you pros go through the same coding pains?

Most of the times I had days like that were because the information I needed to get the job done were not easily available or were buried in so much extraneous nonsense as to be unusable. I give you two scenarios

  • All available references say that X is possible. No explanation as to how to do X is given. Even more maddening is when the reference say that X is trivial. In one case, after weeks of part time research, the answer was one line of code.
  • All available references say that X is possible but the example for X is one small component in a several-thousand, multi-component project that can not be compiled and stepped through without massive reconfiguration of my development environment.

For elaboration please see Abstruse Goose