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That poutine looked disgusting: uncooked fries, no proper "couic-couic" cheese, too little gravy, and with syrup on it (who puts syrup in a poutine?!? I thought I had seen every variation out there, never seen that before).

I also loved the "Canadians have an evolutionary adaptation called socialized medicine", priceless.

Canadians Explained (eh)

They say it all here, eh.

What's with all the eh's? Are you trying to find a mate? Eh?

It's funny eh, since moving to the UK eh, everyone is surprised an' disappointed how little I say eh. So I have to say sorry to 'em for not say'n eh enough eh?

Oh and "U"s are great eh? Words look funny without 'em eh?

I've never had poutine. I believe three things about poutine

  1. it is capable of inducing cardiac arrest very quickly
  2. if I ever try it I am sure I will love it
  3. because of #1 I hope #2 never happens

who puts syrup in a poutine

I think they only added the maple syrup to make it even more Canadian (no back bacon?)

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