There is an element of luck in life, people are not always rational, hiring is more art than science. So it is perfectly possible that you could be a better canadidate in everyway than someone else and not get the job because the interviewer was in a bad mood or was distracted when it came to your interview. The only way to deal with that is keep trying.

Also you seem too focused on just your CS skills, there are lots of characteristics to be considered when hiring someone beyond just technical skills. For instance how you get along with people, the attitude you bring to the workplace, how you cope with the management style of the company, etc... Fact is even if a candidate has better technical skills if s/he makes the people they work with or around less productive because of poor communication, poor inter-personal skills or poor attitude they will not be an asset to the company.

It also depends on the work environment if the company culture is highly competitive, and fast-paced someone with a strong A-type personality would be desirable, whereas they could be very disruptive to a more low-key cooperative workplace. So it is impossible to be the perfect candidate for every position. Likewise its completely possible for nothing to be "a problem" but you still not be suitable for that particular job.

You can see from the response of various people on this thread that you may need to work on your interpersonal skills since you seem to generate conflict quite easily which would be a problem for any job that requires a lot of teamwork. You could probably also work on your communication & personal presentation since your posts are full of spelling mistakes and poor grammar. You might think it doesn't matter but the other people on this forum are potentially future collegues or employers so it is worth it to make a good impression.

Since you are getting to the final rounds chances are your overall quality taking into consideration all the important characteristics is going to be very similar to the other candidates. Sure they might not have the technical skills you have but they may have a more suitable temperament or better social-skills. At that point it is often down to chance or subconscious biases of the interviewers than any "real" differences between candidates.

going in last rounds doesn't mean you are smarter or better suited for that matter.
it might just have been so that the next Stephen Hawking or Steve Jobs was among them, but he just had a bad day.

just because they claim to say your solutions are ok, doesn't necessarily make them so. maybe they were terrible, they just didn't want to discourage you into going into the next questions, or just didn't want to make you more nervous then need be. and even if your answers were all ok, have you considered the odds that other candidates answers were perfect, instead of ok?

he said everyone was awesome in last round, but in that can we do ? we have only 2 vacancies

unfortunately, answers like this are usually standard answers that are given, if they do not want to go into the reason more deeper, or just don't want to tell you at all. might be it's the truth, but it may also have been ... well, a "white" lie.

"no! there was nothing like that. you were fine and given all answers but we want only two what can we do in that ?"

well... if you read my previous remark, that might explain this as well.

my recommendation: drop the jealousy. recruiters 'll pick up on that, and that might cost you some future jobs. even NASA had to build a platform on the ground before they could 'reach for the stars'.
don't try to start with a high-end job, start of with some smaller companies, get practical experience in real projects, that way, you are gaining experience (not just the coding kind) and you get paid for it. who knows, maybe you'll even find a job you like a lot more than one of those high-paying ones.

do remember: most of the times the people you talk to are not the ones calling the shots. it's someone else that decides who gets the job. very few recruiters 'll tell you: "no, you don't get the job, but I don't have the slightest idea why, since they didn't tell me."

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And don't think you know anything, don't assume that just because you had Java classes in school you're a Java expert and/or only suitable for Java jobs.
Apply to entry level jobs in your general field of interest, and don't cherry pick the companies to be only the top brand names because those companies aren't going to hire snot nosed kids whose sole experience is writing out some homework assignments and maybe making a small flash game during a vacation.
So apply to JoeSmoe DataServices Inc. of SmallTown, Nebraska instead of Amazon.

Maybe your depression is more deep-rooted and shows through in your applications. You might want to look for medical help.

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JoeSmoe employs a lot of people ... Joe bloggs as well. Someone needs to buy these guys a champagne champer for their good community spirit.

hey guyz, i don't need any medical help :-D i am placed at samsung R & D centre , India . one of the biggest firms in India for mobile handsets. my profile is software developer. will start my first job in june,2014. i have decent package with enomrous facilties which are really great. free cab, free food, insurnace, accomdation for 1 month, bonuses, laptop and many others. 25% discount on each product of samsung. :p i am loving it. yeyy!! thanks to you guyz. you supported me alot. you have motivated me in my bad time and solved my problems in simple manner. thanks to you. :-) (special THANKS to DECEPTIKON, james Sir).

Congratulations to you nitin1.

Keep in mind that you've just begun. All of the advice that has been given in the past still applies. Your attitude is just as important, if not more, than your technical skills. They can always find a better software developer out there to replace you.

I'd suggest you continue working on your social and communication skills as well as confidence. That's the key to success.

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So this is where Samsung gets all their good ideas.

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thank you my friends and guiders. i will keep all these things in my mind. will improve my skiils and will improve my behaviour and will try to be a professional man in my life :) hehe. thanks.