I am new into the computer Science..I just completed reading and understing the C programming language..I think am quite decent in it..Now I want to start studying a new programming language this semester, before I start, I want to get some advice from the experts, should I choose Java or Python?? I know that language choice is dependent on the type of application which we are working on, but for learning purpose which one is better??

Depends highly on the direction you are planning to take. Java is powerful but takes time to understand it (to guru level) compared to python. You have to remember that Java is widely used around the world, from set top boxes to phones.
You should consider python if you want to make programs faster and if learning time is an issue.
I would ask you to consider Java if you programming is yours to stay.

There are a lot more Java jobs since it takes more person hours to develop programs with Java.

As I understand it, most apps are written with Java. However, there is a lot of garbage out there.

Definitely java for the jobs but I urge you to learn Python if only because the language is so much different than C++ or java and it would do you good to learn to think about programming in a different style. I learned 7 programming languages back in my university days and it was a great experience.

I recommend you learn both but I advise you to be a guru in java atleast because their are more jobs that require java than python...

I learned 7 programming languages back in my university days and it was a great experience.

@Jim, Wow... it takes me like a year (to a point where i am pretty good) to learn 1 language... -_-, what languages did you study?

I first learned FORTRAN (WATFOR) followed by PL/1, APL, COBOL, 360 Assembler, SNOBOL and ALGOL. The only ones I actually used following graduation were FORTRAN, APL, PL/1 and Assembler although the Assembler(s) I actually programmed in were DEC, Data General, GE, 8080 and SEL (Westinghouse). Fortunately I never had to program in COBOL. I also programmed a lot in C and VB, both of which I learned on my own.

@Jim, Wow... your extremely busy... I won't be surprised if you work for Google, Oracle, Facebook, or someother big company as a leading developer/CTO/etc... you make me look like baby with a computer... -_-

Python for fun and joy, and Java for the bread.